Anissa Ismael Abdou

HR Business Partner & union delegate

Workplace: IPG Leuven, Hasselt and Brussels
Project: corporate IPG
Strong points: contact skills – first time resolution – listening skills – constructive – loves to work

‘Fifteen years ago, I came to live in Belgium. Before that, I studied French literature and wanted to become a teacher. IPG is my first employer. I started within the Operations department of our Hasselt office, first as a multi-client advisor, afterwards as a dedicated advisor for specific clients such as Telenet, Belgacom ISP and VOO. After six years, I became a Telenet team coach. Subsequently, I made the transition from Operations to Support and started as HR assistant. Today, I work as HR Business Partner Back Office and Insourcing Manager. I just lóóóóóve working at IPG. It is such a great place to work: the people, the atmosphere, the energy… Every morning I jump out of bed, eager to go to work and do my utmost to make IPG even better!’