Lotte Swinnen

Team Coach Kone the Netherlands and Kone Belgium

Workplace: IPG Leuven
Project: Kone
Strong points: human approach – approachable – analytical

“I started as an advisor for the Nespresso project in May 2011. As I got the job through a temp agency, I didn’t see myself working on the project for a long period. Yet, I stayed at IPG because of the pleasant work atmosphere and the career opportunities. From June 2011 until September 2012, I worked as a senior advisor for the Kone NL project. When the Kone NL contact was extended to the provision of services outside the office hours, a brand new team of advisors had to be recruited. As a senior advisor, I assisted the new team by giving training and support at the start of the project. In September 2012, I officially became Team Coach of the KONE-projects.”