Claire Smeesters

team coach

Workplace: IPG Leuven
Project: Nespresso
Strong points: linguistic skills – person of trust – accurate – ambassador of values

‘I joined IPG on 13 October 2008 as an advisor assigned to the Nespresso project; I was promoted senior advisor in February 2010. Since October 2011, I am one of the three team coaches working for Nespresso. How I ended up at IPG? To cut a long story short: after having lived in Tunisia for twenty years, I moved back to Belgium, eager to find a job quickly. With my extended knowledge of languages and my experience in the tourism industry, I could start at once. The Nespresso project I am currently working on is not only fun but also unique within IPG. Nespresso is an exclusive product requiring an even exclusive approach within the team. The highlights of my five years career at IPG? Training the newcomers and ensuring the entire follow-up of the promo campaigns. In fact, there is always another new challenge lurking around the corner!’